Do Redheads Have More Fun?

In a sea of raven-haired people, finding the redhead in the group shouldn’t be too challenging.  My friend Janice just returned from a trip to China, with her daughter-in-law’s family.  Her husband doesn’t care for adventure much, and opted to stay home.  (Frankly, I think it was the absence of guaranteed western toilets there that kept him here, not that I blame him.)

She was one of the few “white people,” as they refer to light-skinned tourists, in this group.  One afternoon, her masseuse kept putting her arm next to Janice’s leg, comparing their hues, and repeated how “pre-tee” her skin was. 

While sightseeing later in the trip, a Chinese woman ran up to Janice and grabbed her fiercely by the arm, trying to pull her away.  At first, my friend suspected this tiny woman was trying to kidnap her, and was slightly amused.  After explanation and translation from someone else in the group, Janice discovered the petite powerhouse from a rural area of China simply wanted a photograph taken with the first white woman she’d ever seen. 

Upon her return home, Janice gleefully related her reaction to the incident by saying: “This lady got the trifecta: her first redhead, her first white woman, and her first fat person all in one photograph!” 

In the midst of relating that story, it made me think of how businesses need to stand out and be different in a sea of similar businesses.  The concept of “unique selling proposition” really hasn’t connected with the masses, yet it is foundational for true success in business.  How can we make ourselves easy and inviting to be chosen from all the competitors on the field?   We need to be committed to our core to find what will make us appealingly different (or creating that), and draw our target market in, like a high-powered magnet.

Hmmmm….how would YOU look as a redhead??

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